2006 - V/A Letters From The Front


Letters From The Front is a special project featuring songs especially composed for this work by Israeli project Silence and Strength and French projects Westwind, Storm Of Capricorn, Neon Rain and featuring original wartime Soviet songs records (1941-1945) and extracts of speeches of Josef Stalin, Viacheslav Molotov and Yuri Levitan. The release features special bonus - video record of Victory Parade that took place on Red Square (Moscow) in June 1945.

Letters From The Front is dedicated to 61t Anniversary Of Victory in WWII. Idea is by The Eastern Front.

Limited edition 4 x 61 (244) hand-numbered copies in special packing resembling the shape of triangle Soviet front letter and containing a reproduction of war time photo. 4 different colours (red, black, dark blue, white) CD-R. First 24 copies come with an unique original war time (1941-1945) document (letter or envelope or postcard), individual for each copy.



  • 01 –No Artist Invasion (Speech By Viatcheslav Mikhaïlovitch Molotov In June 22 1941)
  • 02 –Red Army Choir The Sacred War
  • 03 –Westwind Letter I
  • 04 –No Artist Call For Defence (Speech By Joseph Stalin In 1941)
  • 05 –Georgy Vinogradov In A Front Zone Forest
  • 06 –No Artist Everything Is For The Front (Speech By Joseph Stalin In 1941)
  • 07 –Westwind Letter II
  • 08 –G. Abramov Oh Roads...
  • 09 –Westwind Letter III
  • 10 –Georgy Vinogradov Wait For Me
  • 11 –Westwind Letter IV
  • 12 –No Artist This Is The Soviet Information Bureau (Yuri Levitan's Broadcast In February 1943)
  • 13 –Klavdiya Ivanovna Shulzhenko Night Over Leningrad
  • 14 –Georgy Vinogradov Two Maxims
  • 15 –Storm Of Capricorn It Was Time To Forget
  • 16 –Piotr Kirichek Lizaveta
  • 17 –Neon Rain Nothing Bad Can Happen To Me
  • 18 –Mark Bernes Song Of A Front Truck Driver
  • 19 –Silence & Strength Soldier's Father
  • 20 –Unknown Artist Volchovskaya (Drinking Song)
  • 21 –Silence & Strength The War Went On...
  • 22 –Red Army Choir Invincible And Legendary...
  • 23 –No Artist Victory (Yuri Levitan's Broadcast On May 9 1945)